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State-Of-The-Art Hybrid Greenhouses 



Delta, BC, Canada

  • Wholly owned 125,000 square foot greenhouse facility on a 20-acre property.

  • Purchased in September 2017 and retrofitted in 2018 specifically for cannabis cultivation and licensing. 

  • Entire facility is licensed by Health Canada for cultivation and processing in February 2019.

  • Expected to produce 11,000 kg per year of super-premium, certified organic cannabis.

  • Outdoor production is also being considered on 15 acres of land on the property.


  Ferndale, WFacilities_Washington.jpga, United States

  • First hybrid cannabis greenhouse designed by prominent greenhouse architect Thomas Larssen (before his company was acquired by Aurora Cannabis).

  • Wholly owned 40,000 sq ft, greenhouse on a 15-acre property and leased to a state-licensed Tier 3 cannabis producer under I-502 regulations in January 2019.

  • Initial commercial harvest completed in April 2019, with bi-weekly crop harvesting ongoing, using Rubicon Organics’ proprietary cultivation program.  

  • Rubicon Organics provides ancillary services to the cannabis sector in the U.S. and operates under the jurisdiction of the regulatory frameworks enacted by the State of Washington.  Rubicon Organics does not hold any licenses to produce or sell cannabis in the U.S.